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Portland Mercado


First Latino public market in Portland, Oregon


BEFORE > With no site in hand and a dream of developing the first Latino public market to respond to wealth disparities in the region, the Hacienda CDC contacted us to conduct a market feasibility study to provide a reality check to their vision and clarify focus. 

AFTER > We worked with staff and key stakeholders to evaluate locations, clarify the project vision, and lay out product/service scenarios. To define the potential of a market without precedent in Portland, we conducted case studies of public markets throughout the U.S. while grounding examples in statistical analysis of local target markets. Stemming from this extensive outreach and research, we provided the client with specific programming recommendations for the Mercado, such as being Portland’s premier Latino dining destination and developing marketing campaigns. The market study enabled Hacienda CDC to succeed with a million dollar plus fund development campaign and to construct and open the Mercado in 2015.


Today, 16 permanent businesses (and many more in an incubator kitchen) bring together diverse cultures and serve as a magnet for a southeast Portland neighborhood. Affordable retail space allows businesses to launch and grow with $2.5 million-plus recorded in sales in its first year alone. The Mercado welcomes an average of 580 people per day and created 114 jobs the first year it opened. It has won numerous awards including the Sustainable Business Oregon’s Innovator in Sustainability and the City of Portland’s Spirit of Portland awards.


Commercial & Retail 



  • Affordable retail space

  • Social enterprise

  • Latino cultural hub

  • Job creation

  • Neighborhood anchor


Hacienda CDC​


Portland, OR

“The market feasibility study resulted in a clear Mercado vision including the right scale, customer base, and business mix. Most importantly, it led to a successful million dollar+ fund development campaign. The Mercado has been constructed and operates successfully today as a magnet for southeast Portland. Besides its economic benefits, the Mercado serves as a community center that honors and promotes cultural diversity.”

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