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Oregon Electric Station


Historic building turned into a vibrant modern space


BEFORE > Once a locomotive house for the electric railroad, this expansive building was converted into a restaurant in the 1970s. In 2014 the building, outdoor dining area and landscape were upgraded. 

AFTER > This adaptation of a historic building into to a modern space activated the street. The visibility of the patio engaged passersby while at the same time creating a private space where people can relax and enjoy a meal. An important part in creating privacy within this space was to think carefully about the layout and how the landscape complemented the space. This was achieved using simple planter boxes along the front edge, with larger plants along the west edge, to increase privacy and reduce the harsh afternoon sun from overheating the patio. This flexible space is used throughout the year, creating a vibrant and fun place to hang out and catch up with friends. This project has activated the street and spurred economic growth within the area.


Commercial & Retail 


  • Street activation

  • Vibrant urban space

  • Walkable neighborhood


Oregon Electric Station



Eugene, OR
Population 166,000 

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