Frequently Asked Questions

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Who is this service for?

It takes just one catalyst organization to get the process started — that may be a developer, property owner, city, or economic development organization. No matter who contracts with us, a key component is community collaboration to ensure buy-in and market compatibility.

Does this apply to a single building or a group of buildings?

Our process adapts to your circumstances. You may be faced with a single vacant or derelict building, an abandoned shopping center, or a city block in need of more foot traffic. See Examples.

How does RE3 differ from an architectural service?

We start with the economic challenge and a revitalization approach that is market-based. We incorporate the structural challenges and potential adaptation of a building. Through collaborative thinking we guide you to a new vision to bring economic vitality back to a location. Design concepts — including pedestrian access, entry points, building reuse and landscaping — are one component driving that process, but we also incorporate market potential and broad economic trends. You end up with a strategy and concepts, not an architectural plan.

Is construction included in this process?

Not in the initial phase. Our 3-step process lays out a step-by-step guide for short-term actions and a recommended plan of attack for long-term revitalization. We are equipped to move forward with detailed architectural plans and development if requested.

Is RE3 just for downtowns?

Wherever a property is underperforming or negatively impacting surrounding businesses, that’s where we will work. The location may be a vacant big box property, a strip center, stand-alone site, downtown, in a suburb, or in a remote rural area. See Examples.

What do you do in 30 days?

In a 30-day period, starting with site visit, we conduct a charrette-style process to gauge stakeholder attitudes and build consensus; we will evaluate the market potential and draft visual concepts to illustrate a recommended direction; and we will present you with a strategy to move forward (90-day actionable guide and broad long-term plan), including possible funding resources. See Services.

Will you provide business leads?

The initial service focuses on identifying the best bets for re-tenanting a property/location and identifies specific uses with the greatest potential for success. Sample business types will be identified but a full prospect list is an add-on service.

What will it cost?

The average cost is around $25K. RE3 projects are scalable depending on project and community size. Please contact us for an estimate.



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