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Creswell Streetscape


Design visioning process to revitalize the Creswell’s Main Street


BEFORE > Like many small towns, Creswell’s Main Street was vehicle oriented, dominated by wide roads and parking. It lacked the pedestrian amenities and vibrance needed to attract business and bring people downtown. This meant vacant stores and a declining economic future. 

AFTER > In collaboration with Bramare Inc., we worked with the City of Creswell to develop design solutions to revitalize this small city’s Main Street. During the design process, several charettes were held to understand the community's vision for Main Street. These ideas where then consolidated and presented to the City Council for approval. Bringing back the vitality of this main street was achieved by improving pedestrian safety and upgrading existing parking and infrastructure. The site elements served to unify the visual landscape and form a cohesive identity for the downtown. In addition to this, businesses were encouraged to move back into the downtown core, fostering long-term economic growth for this small town.​


Downtown Revitalization 


  • Sense of identity

  • Pedestrian amenities

  • Infrastructure and parking upgrades


City of Creswell



Creswell, OR
Population 5,300 

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