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Shopping Center Revitalization Plan


Public-private solution for a struggling shopping center


BEFORE > What to do with a 30% vacancy rate and multiple unmotivated property owners? The Anderson Square Shopping Center was a 35-year-old multi-tenant center located at a busy Interstate 5 interchange in Northern California. The center’s 111,215 square feet of leasable space had been fully occupied. Then the 2008-2009 recession hit and vacancies grew at this center and those nearby. The City was limited in actions that it could take because the property was privately-owned, and the owner was reluctant to invest in the revitalization.

AFTER > Anderson Square was especially important to the City, so as the economy began to pick up, the City wanted ideas on how to renovate and energize the center to keep existing tenants happy and attract new. Our solution was to prepare a three-part revitalization plan that distinguished between:

  • Public improvements that the City could make and improvements the City could make with right-of-way access from property owner.

  • Improvements requiring a public/private partnership.

  • Improvements the City could continue to promote and encourage the property owner make.

Concept drawings helped all parties visualize​ how the improvements could attract more business activity.


Commercial & Retail 


Design Concepts:

  • People places

  • Pockets of outdoor activity

  • Outdoor dining

  • Pedestrian experience & esplanade

  • Welcoming entrances

Property inventory

Potential funding sources


City of Anderson



Anderson, CA
Population 10,000 

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