Three minds are better than one. Meet our turn-around team.

 Urban Design & Streetscape


David Dougherty and his associates at DLA Inc. have compiled an impressive portfolio of achievements in landscape architecture, urban design and public improvement since 1991. Watch David bring a new vision to a tired piece of property, right before your eyes.




RE3VISION is  a professional team of planners, urban designers, economic and market analysts who have collaborated to revitalize underperforming properties. 


Mary Bosch and her Marketek associates have brought their expertise in retail analysis, market feasibility, consumer research, and commercial assessment to nearly 200 communities since 1989. Mary deftly guides her clients from “Help, what can we do?” to “Why didn’t we think of that?"

Market Feasibility
Economic Analysis


Audrey Taylor and her firm, Chabin Concepts, have delivered actionable roadmaps for business attraction and economic recovery to hundreds of clients since 1989. She also helps businesses navigate the public sector. Bring a notepad when you meet Audrey — she’s bursting with ideas.

Roadmaps & 
Business Outreach


The RE3 team delivers a collaborative vision for bringing economic vitality back to your underperforming property or commercial center. In just 30 days our consolidated 3-step approach engages stakeholders in a charrette-like process culminating in an innovative solution, an action plan, and visual concepts that create excitement for moving forward.

Our expertise in planning, design and market trends, combined with your sense of place, results in a transformative plan for your property that fits the surroundings, heightens community pride, and generates commercial activity.

Better Together

The RE3 Team pooled their individual talents to deliver a complete package to address your problem property — from visualizing creative solution to preparing an achievable strategy to move forward with the project.

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DLA Inc. 

Landscape architecture, urban design, public improvement projects

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Downtowns, retail analysis,

market feasibility


Chabin Concepts

Strategic planning, economic development, B2B solutions