Repurposing Neglected Properties

A collaborative approach for

What is RE3?

Are vacant and deteriorating properties causing lost revenue in your commercial areas? RE3 sets you on a new course, whether you’re a city manager or a developer.

How does it work?

Our consolidated 3-step process takes a charrette approach to repurposing problem properties. It’s not a makeover. It’s a do-over, encompassing market trends, community buy-in, capacity, and design. In 30 days you will have visual concepts and an actionable plan to attract people and commerce.


Who needs it?

Anybody facing the negative impact of problem properties and willing to do something about it. In short: city officials, developers, property owners, economic development or downtown organizations

Who does it?

The RE3 professional team provides feet-on-the-ground analysis by experts in planning, urban design, retail markets, downtowns, and economic development. Your stakeholders are our most important partners. They have the local knowledge that enables us to deliver site specific results.


Need more details? Contact us.

Ask how our 3-step process can transform your underperforming property.

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